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Ejector Scrapers

The 2814WT scraper is a result of listening to our customers needs and suggestions.

The rugged structural design ensures long life in the most rugged conditions.

The gate and ejector are constructed using L-shaped box sections for superior strength and dent resistance. The ejector extends beyond the front edge of the scraper to minimize carryback.

Independent walking beam axle transfers loads evenly for a smoother ride and reduced sway, improving cycle times and operator comfort, capable of field finish speeds up to 10 mph.

Rear lift design lowers blade angle of attack as the scraper is lowered increasing the ease of loading.

Common blades and router bits are used ensuring that wear parts are readily available and affordable. Our moldboard design accepts many different types of blade configurations. The moldboard is made from ¾” grade 50 steel.


Heavy Duty Construction
24” Blade Clearance
60″ Gate Opening
Optional Tires 4 – 26.5×25
Can be containerized




Capacity24-28 yds.
Cutting Width12'6" - 14'
Weight32,500 lbs
H.P. Req.450+
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