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This pivot dump scraper features a 12.5 ft. cut width and a 22 cubic yard capacity with 26.5×25 tires.


71″ throat opening
No flexible side sheets
No hinge in gate
No tubes around wheels
Bolt on rear hitch accepts various types


Heaped Capacity: 22 yds³
Cut Width: 12.5ft
Weight: 27,000 lbs. (23.5×25 tires)
Tires: 23.5×25 standard
Tire Option: 26.5×25
GPS Bracket: Optional
H.P. Req. – 450+
Specifications subject to change.


Made for heavy-duty construction, the rugged structural design of 2814E scraper can handle the most extreme conditions over the course of the machine’s extensive lifetime.


24” Blade Clearance
60″ Gate Opening
Optional Tires 4 – 26.5×25
Can Be Containerized


Capacity – 28 yds.
Cutting Width – 14′
Weight – 32,500 lbs
H.P. Req. – 450+

Product Details

The 2814E scraper’s gate and ejector are constructed using L-shaped box sections for superior strength and dent resistance. The ejector extends beyond the front edge of the scraper to minimize carryback.
An independent, walking-beam axle transfers loads evenly for a smoother ride and reduced sway. This improves cycle times and operator comfort and allows field finish speeds of up to 10 mph.
The 2814E scraper’s rear-lift design lowers the blade’s angle of attack as the scraper is lowered, which makes loading easier.
We use commonly found blades and router bits so that parts are readily available and affordable for our customers. The moldboard, which is made from ¾” grade 50 steel, also accepts many different types of blade configurations.

See the Ejector Scraper in Action!


Tough and Reliable


Create precision fields with dual GPS
Cover more area with 16ft width
Achieve faster speeds with optional shock absorbing ski’s.


Heaped Capacity: 20 yd³
Cut Width: 16ft
Weight: 28,000 lbs. (23.5×25 tires)
Tires: 23.5×25
GPS Bracket: Center and Sides – Standard
H.P. Req. – 450+
Specifications subject to change.


When you replace your inefficient motor graders with our RG14 grader, you’ll achieve smoother roads and have fewer breakdowns on your haulage equipment.

Other Models:

RG12 12′ width


Faster cycle times for haulage equipment
Reduced bouncing and “duck walking”
Optional rippers
Perfect for finishing operations


Cutting Width – 12’6″ – 14′
Weight – 12,500 lbs
H.P. Req. – 150+

Product Details

The RG-14’s angled grader blades are extremely aggressive while its rear blade levels the loosened dirt. The walking tandems reduce bouncing and allow travel speeds of at least 12 mph.

Optional rippers may be used to rip clay-hardpan to make scraper loading more efficient. With the RG-14’s side-tilt feature you can even crown roads or finish grade.

See the Grader in Action!

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Metalcraft of GA, Inc. is a heavy equipment manufacturer that is committed to providing innovative and quality products at a competitive price.
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At Metalcraft our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers and manufacture the highest quality products.
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Metalcraft is the proven leader in large capacity, precision land leveling and fine grading. We make the products other manufacturers don't. More, we deliver products much sooner than those with overseas supply lines.

Our History
Metalcraft was founded in 2004. In 2006 we constructed a new 9,500 sq. ft. facility located near Louisville, Ga. As the business has continued to grow, a 7,500 sq. ft. addition was completed in 2013, and a paint facility was added in 2015, to create the existing 22,000 sq. ft. facility.


Metalcraft of GA, Inc. is a heavy-equipment manufacturing company committed to creating quality products built with the customer in mind. Better products, better pricing. That’s Metalcraft!


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