Imperial / Metric

Ejector Scrapers

These robust machines excel at moving and shaping soil, offering a seamless ejection mechanism that enhances productivity. Whether you’re clearing land, building roads, or leveling fields, ejector scrapers from Metalcraft provide the muscle and reliability needed to get the job done with ease.

Pivot Dump Scrapers

Explore efficiency with Metalcraft’s pivot-dump scrapers, tailored for precision land leveling projects. Perfect for handling loose materials, these machines shine when pulled in tandem, boosting capacity and making the most of your earthmoving cycles.

Land Leveling & Grading

Explore Metalcraft’s land leveling and grading solutions. Whether you’re seeking a tractor-pulled alternative to expensive motor graders or in need of roller levelers for meticulous earthmoving finish work, Metalcraft provides a diverse range of earthmoving implements to complement and enhance your fleet.

Construction Disc Harrows

Each of our disc harrow models have the penetrating force to handle the toughest wet or dry soil mixing, road building, land and mine reclamation projects. Put our disc harrows to work on your toughest construction challenges and watch your productivity increase.

Push Load Assist Accessory

The Ox Block pusher mounted on the front of a Case tractor is designed for push-loading scrapers in your construction earthmoving application. By using the Ox Block you will see increased fuel efficiency while reducing your undercarriage costs by a minimum of 50%.