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Rain can put a real damper on the productivity of any earthmoving job site. With the RL12 construction roller leveler, contractors can level and pack soil fast to improve drainage before a downpour. This practice allows them to get back to earthmoving sooner after the rain has passed. When equipped with optional tilt functionality, it can also be used to crown roads and create slopes. Contractors can achieve increased productivity and less wear on their earthmoving equipment when maintaining smooth haul roads with this roller leveler. It is also a great finishing tool to put the final touches on a job.

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GPS-ready for the efficient excavation and final grade to meet jobsite specifications.

Up to 90° turning radius for ultimate flexibility on the field.

Optional 1 or 2-way blade tilt

Fast and reliable slope reading

Available for containerized international shipping

Bolt on and moveable hitch pole for road legal transportation.

1 Year structural, 6 months parts and labor.

Leading the pack in quality and sustainability with CE Certification

The highest operating standards with ISO 9001 certification


Imperial / Metric
General Specifications
Transport Specifications
Optional Specifications
Required Power 250 HP+ 186 kW+
Drum Width 11' 1" 3.39 m
Drum Diameter 3' 6" 1.06 m
Water Filled Weight 16,865 lb 7652 kg
Max Water Volume 565 US gal 2140 L
Max Water Weight 4700 lb 2132 kg
Grease Points 9 9
Overall Width 12' 3.66 m
Overall Length 20' 1" 6.14 m
Height (Extended) 8' 2" 2.49 m
Shipping Weight 12,165 lb 5520 kg
Transport Length 8' 7" 2.6 m
Transport Height 6' 11" 2.1 m
Transport Width 18' 6" 5.63 m
Single Tilt Max. Tilt Angle 3 degrees 3 degrees
Single Tilt Edge to Edge Height 7.4” 187 mm
Single Tilt Additional Weight +230 lb +104 kg
Double Tilt Max. Tilt Angle 6 degrees 6 degrees
Double Tilt Edge to Edge Height 14.8” 375 mm
Double Tilt Additional Weight +410 lb +186 kg
Transport Wheels Overall Length 22’ 4” 6.8 m
Transport Wheels Height (Extended) 9’ 4” 2.85 m
Transport Wheels Additional Grease Points +2 +2
Transport Wheels Tires 385/65 R22.5 18 ply 385/65 R22.5 18 ply
Transport Wheels Additional Weight +988 lb +448 kg

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