Metalcraft is upgrading the hitch design on all new 2024 scrapers to improve performance and reliability and would like to offer dealers the option to upgrade their existing scrapers at a reduced price. MSRP on the upgraded design is $12,499.99 USD (Dealer Net $8,749.99 USD), but through the program, customers have the opportunity to upgrade for $6,500 USD ($6,000 USD Dealer Net). The upgraded hitch utilizes composite bushings for long life and reduced wear, an improved frame design for better clearance at the tractor and increased strength, an updated yoke design, and safety chains for added protection.

*Hitch pin not included.


Scrapers must be enrolled by April 30, 2024 to be eligible for the upgrade program. Hitch delivery subject to manufacturing availability. Metalcraft scrapers with serial numbers between #0277 - 0337 are eligible to upgrade their hitch at the reduced price. Only 1 scraper hitch upgrade is available per eligible machine. The serial number of the scraper must be included as part of the upgrade application to validate machine eligibility. Hitch delivery is subject to manufacturing availability. A signed dealer P.O. must be provided in order to recieve a hitch shipment. Payment terms are based on the dealers existing parts sales terms. Shipping of the new hitch to a dealer location is included. Shipments made to customer locations may incur extra freight charges. Installation will be the responsibility of the dealer. Failure to install hitch could result in loss of warranty.

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