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Made for heavy-duty construction, the rugged structural design of 2814E scraper can handle the most extreme earthmoving conditions over the course of the machine’s extensive lifetime. The 2814E is a rear lift controlled scraper which allows the pan to be lowered level with the ground while cutting to easily scoop up loose material. The ejector of the 2814E extends beyond the front edge of the scraper to eliminate carry-back. These loading and unloading features ensure that you maintain efficiency on every cycle.

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Transport loads evenly for a smoother ride and reduced sway.

Utilizing commonly found blades to ensure availability and affordability.

Nylon block ejector guides and simple track design instead of problematic steel rollers.

Rear-lift design lowers the blade's angle of attack as the scraper is lowered, whcih makes loading easier.

Designed with built in shut off valves on cylinders as an additional safety during maintenance of repairs.


Imperial / Metric
General Specifications
Transport Specifications
Optional Specifications
Heaped Capacity 28 yd3 21.4 m3
Struck Capacity 20 yd3 15.3 m3
Cutting Width 14' 4.3 m
Tires 23.5 x 25 23.5 x 25
Required Power 450 HP+ 331 kW+
Dimensions 15'4" W x 32'6" L x 9'1 0" H 4.7 mW x 9.9 m L x 3.0 m H
Weight 32,500 lb 14,741 kg
Shipping Optional Containerization Optional Containerization

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